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October 2012 Newsletter

~Greetings Fangreaders~

by Fairyblood

I know , I know, I know …It’s been awhile since our last newsletter.  We lil’ elves have been working very hard in the depths of the dark dungeon to bring you some exciting news…Main Banner 3

As many of you already know, we have always had a few chats that weren’t from our SVM or True Blood roots.  Now we would like to present even more varied topics in our Fangreaders Chatroom Community.  In addition to our love of SVM and True Blood and their fanfics; we are now open to all our book, fanfic, graphic novels, tv series and movie addictions.  All paranormal and fantasy fangroups are welcome.

Please, be patient with us as we are adding to all of our sites in our community.

Come join our book chats in the Fangreaders Chatroom:







Go to for day and times of these chats.

Fangs, Fantasy and Fiction with Musings by Char

Current Book Chat : The Fever Series by Karen Marie Moning

Mondays at 9pm Eastern Standard Time U.S (1am Greenwich Mean Time)


The Supernatural Book Club with Xia Cheyenne

Current Book Chat: the Fallen Angels Series by J.R. Ward

Thursdays at 9pm Eastern Standard Time U.S ( 1am Greenwich Mean Time)


Rambling Jacq with Jacqueline

Current Book Chat: The Hunger Games Series

Tuesdays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. ( 8pm Greenwich Mean Time)


The Vampire Lover Book Club with Fairyblood

Current Book Chat: “Dracula” by Bram Stoker

Sundays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. (8pm Greenwich Mean Time)


Be sure to join our Goodreads group “The Fangreaders” to keep up with all our Book Chats


Our Current SVM/True Blood Fanfic Chats

“SVM/ True Blood Fanfiction Reading Vault”

Mondays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time (8pm Greenwich Mean Time)

1 October 2012

Washed Ashore by ellemoe Adult

It's simple. Sookie washes up on the shore of a deserted island. She's hungry, tired and alone. Or so she thinks. Characters are to canon. Telepathic Sookie and Vampire Eric. Mostly Eric/Sookie with a mention of other characters.

15 October 2012

Second Chances by Laura Siri Adult

What if Pam had turned Hadley instead of Queen Sophie Anne? Sookie finds herself learning the ropes of the supernatural world at the hands of her vampire cousin while trying not to lose herself in the attentions of a certain sexy Viking sheriff... Sookie/Eric, Pam/Hadley

29 October 2012

House of Cards by Telcontar Rulz Adult

Sookie Stackhouse is a telepathic New York socialite. When business and fate cause her to encounter one Eric Northman, cutthroat businessman and vampire, the world she knows comes tumbling down.


~In the Chatroom~

Here are the chats we have available right now….Check our weekly schedule for day and times:

All our chats are posted in Greenwich Mean Time (GMT).  If you need to know what the chat times are in your timezone, please feel free to ask at or tweet us at @fangreadersChat


Vampire Lover Book Club

“Vampire Lover Book Club”

Join us in the chatroom for a bookclub with Bite. See our Reading List for current Book or Series.

Sundays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. (8pm Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by Fairyblood



SVM/ True Blood Fanfiction

“SVM/ True Blood Fanfiction Reading Vault”

Join us for SVM and True Blood fanfiction chats. Recommend your fave reads and don't forget to tell us your fave authors to go into the "Authors Spotlight".

Mondays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time (8pm Greenwich Mean Time)  

Hosted by JecaNS and Fairyblood


Fangs, Fantasy and Fiction


“Fangs, Fantasy and Fiction”

Join us for various topics to sink your fangs into. Be on the look out for special guests. (See daily postings for more information)

Mondays at 9pm Eastern Standard Time U.S (1am Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by Musings by Char




Rambling Jacq

“Rambling Jacq”

Various topics and book chats (see the daily postings for Chat Topic for particular chat)

Tuesdays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. ( 8pm Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by Poetic Jacqueline




True Blood UK


“True Blood UK Chat”

Join us and share your thoughts on all the crazy that is Bon Temps

True Blood Season 5 FX UK

Wednesdays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. ( 8pm Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by Fairyblood



Undead Poet Society


“The Undead Poet’s Society”

Series of chats about supernatural themes in poems, novels, music, movies and etc.

Thursdays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. ( 8pm Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by JecaNS




Supernatural Book Club

“The Supernatural Book Club”

The place to go to talk about your favourite Paranormal Books.

(See reading list for more details)

Tuesdays at 9pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. ( 1am Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by Xia Cheyenne


Fang Chat with FanOtheFang


“Something for the Weekend”

Grab a drink, bring in your Skarsporn and let’s get the weekend started with this topical chat.

Fridays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. ( 8pm Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by FanOtheFang




Once Upon a Time With Mada

“Once Upon a Time with Mada”

A series of chats about supernaturals all over the world, taking a closer look at fairytales, legends, books, fanfiction and movies.

Currently the series of chats will be on Norse mythology and folklore, looking for insight into the lifestyle and beliefs that shaped one of our most beloved fanged characters, His Gracious Plenty Eric Northman. Join us to discuss how his world came to be, and what life was like during his (human) time. Attendance mandatory for Eric addicts and those in withdrawal. :)

Follow the Northman Project on the accompanying website here: (Website run by Mada and Abbey245)

Saturdays at 4pm Eastern Standard Time U.S. ( 8pm Greenwich Mean Time)

Hosted by Mada

Join us for a fun topical chat. Get to know each other and catch up with friends.

Date: TBA

Hosted by JecaNS



Everything Indie


“Everything Indie Chat”

Join us for our new “Everything Indie Chat” where there are topics from Favourite Indie Books and authors to Indie Publishing and EVERYTHING in between.  Look out for Indie Book read- a-longs and Spotlight Indie Authors

Date: TBA

Hosted by Fairyblood


Starting Soon in our Chatroom:

Tarot Reading with Merick2

Tarot Reading with Merick

See into your future and get the answers to your questions from our lovely Merick.  This entertaining chat is always a fun chat and urge all of you to come and join in. 

Look out for this chat and be sure to get your name down on the list if you want a reading, because these slots fill up fast.

 Date: TBA



The Vampire Diaries Chat

Oct 11th will be starting to the new and exciting Season 4 of the Vampire Diaries.  Join us and share your reactions and predictions.

Date: TBA

Hosted by Black Dead Orchids


Banner 3

Fan Art ~ Beyond 1000 Words

This exciting new chat spotlights the talented artists that have captured our favourite addictions.  Meet the artists and learn what has inspired them to create such beautiful Fan Art.

Date: TBA

Hosted by JecaNS and assisted by AlphaEN 




Madas Imaginarium 11

  Step inside Mada’s Imaginarium

Let your imagination lose and see where we all end up. 

Date: TBA

Hosted by Mada




Also look out for these chats that we are still working on:

Dr.Who ; Spartacus ; The Writers Boot Camp ; Being Human ; The Walking Dead ; Supernatural, and Twilight

Anyone interested in leading any of these chats, please feel free to contact us at


All Are Welcome



Our chatroom is open 24/7 and we have plenty of slots available for many more chats.  If you are interested in leading a chat about a book, a fanfic, tv series, a movie or anything else you think would be fun to share then please email and let us know.

We are also open to Book Clubs and fangroups that would like to meet in our chatroom. 



We will be adding to all our sites in our Community so look out for more exciting topics and news from many fangroups and genres.


~In our Fangreader Community~

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The Fangreaders Library

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Many thanks to the talented and awesome Fangstaff!!!

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Halloween season is knocking on the door, and we have loads of treats for you. With our new smorgasbord of chats, we hope to see you all pop by and say Boo!!!  


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